Board of Directors

Grant Egerdie

Coming soon!

Dave McDougall

Vice President

Dave has been involved with theatre for nearly 40 years. He has participated in all facets of productions and is happy to serve on the board for Churchmice Players. He encourages others to be involved in community theatre.

Don Hutchinson


Don has been involved with Churchmice almost since the beginning.  He wasn’t in the first productions, but personally knows people that were.  He’s been involved in more shows than he can remember, both on and off the stage.  He returned to the board in 2018 after a lengthy hiatus.  Some of his favourite memories of Churchmice are from recent productions where he’s been able to participate with his wife Nola and children Emma and Marta.

Peggy Noble


Peggy has been involved with Churchmice Players for a few years as cast and/or crew member and since 2018, as a board member.  She enjoys meeting and working with people of all ages and community theatre provides this opportunity for her.  It is exciting to be part of productions as they evolve and Peggy appreciates the effort and the talent within Churchmice Players Society.